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The following NSPE FinTech Task Force Blockchain Working Paper is a draft of the Whitepaper on blockchain technology for professional engineers.  This is an active working paper and does not represent the endorsement Authentic Alex Anzalone Jerseys of the NSPE or Brian Poole Youth Jerseys it’s Board of Directors pending […]

Adjudicated Smart Contract for Construction

The Ingenesist Project is developing a new class of business methods called The Value Game (TVG). When combined with Curiosumé, TVG forms a set of alternate economic incentives that may reward high integrity in the preservation, renewal, and acquisition of shared assets, such as infrastructure. BidPool is an adjudicated smart […]

The Bitcoin Protocol Impact on The Engineering Profession

I will be delivering this presentation at the Nation Society of Professional Engineers Annual Conference on July 2015 in Seattle. Abstract:  The Bitcoin Protocol and Future Currency Impact on the Engineering Profession In a Wall Street Journal essay, two authors wrote, “The digital currency known as bitcoin is only six […]

Crowdfunding Condominium Renovations

(Summary; crowdfunding condominium renovations with emerging platforms can lead to substantial savings when proper engineering assurance is also performed.  Contact us for more information) The 20/10 Rule After the first 20 years, a condominium building may see a major system repair every 10 years for the life of the building. […]

DOE Proposes Major Energy Efficiency Changes for Commercial Air Conditioners

By Duane Tilden, P.Eng The White House recently announced a number of commitments to energy efficiency, not the least of which is a proposed energy efficiency standard for rooftop air conditioners that could produce the largest electricity savings under any U.S. appliance efficiency… image courtesy of http://akbrown.com/?page_id=278 Source: switchboard.nrdc.org >”[…] NRDC strongly […]

Case Study: Harrison West Tower Re-pipe

Introduction The Harrison West Condominium Association required a re-pipe of their historic 24-floor residential tower situated in the desirable PSU area of Portland Oregon. Community Engineering Services, PLLC formed a team with engineering specialists Dan Robles, PE,  David Coles, PE, Architect Richard Bosch, AIA and a CM consultant.  Through the […]

What Every Engineer Needs to Know About Bitcoin

A bitcoin (lowercase b), as a currency, has several flaws that will continue to limit its ability to replace money as we know it.  There are millions of words published on the subject, so I’ll leave it to the reader to assess arguments on both sides.  However, Bitcoin (upper case […]

5 Questions About Reserve Fund Studies

The Reserve Study is one of the most important documents that a shared asset community can own. Coengineers, PLLC complies with the more stringent standard of the Canadian Reserve Study Act combined with the ASTM E2018-08 standard for building condition assessments where practical.   This standard of care provides the […]

When To Retain a Licensed Engineer

It is commonplace for businesses and community associations to retain an accountant, or a lawyer, or a financial advisor; but how often does one think about retaining a Professional Engineer? Engineering oversight on your technical projects pays for itself in lower total cost, higher quality, financial security, and legal resilience, […]

Preventable Problems With PEX

PEX is relatively new material (less than 20 years) that has gained widespread acceptance in the new construction piping and building renovation repiping for potable water systems. The reasons are obvious – PEX has flex. The material is inexpensive AND the installation is fast and simple.  PEX is especially desirable […]