NSPE FinTech Task Force Blockchain Working Paper

The following NSPE FinTech Task Force Blockchain Working Paper is a draft of the Whitepaper on blockchain technology for professional engineers.  This is an active working paper and does not represent the endorsement of the NSPE or it’s Board of Directors pending further community and peer review.  Please feel free to forward this document to those qualified to objectively assess the contents and provide constructive feedback.

Also watch this web page for addition of appendices and later revisions of this working document

The purpose of the document is to notify, educate, and inform professional engineers, blockchain developers, and the many stakeholders of the engineering profession to the opportunities that may exist in applying this important technology to basic social infrastructure.

Working paper_r2-2



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  1. Rebecca says:

    The link to Working paper_r2-2 doesn’t work, where can I find a copy of the paper.


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