2020 ASME Paper

Submitted Version of the ASME Paper:

Robles: Layton IMECE2020-23015


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References and (notes):

Draft Re-submittal to NAE 30K grant:  Business Plan bullets_R2 (New way of describing impacts.  was Engineers – now STEM Professionals. Was systemic risk – now covid risk.  Idea to organize STEM professions in an economy the same way the Viruses organize to affect a community. i.e., semi-autonomous units)

Robert Solow Paper: Technical Change and The Aggregate Production Function  (80/20 rule of sorts – 80% of economic value is created by 20 percent of the work force – STEM professionals and Practitioners)

Corporate Finance Institute: CAPM – Capital Asset Pricing Model (argument that risk adjusted valuation is consistant with the risk reducing outputs of engineering products) 

Clay Shirkey; Ontology is Overrated (Discusses the 80/20 rule and introduces “tagging” as the main form of indexing.  In the next reference Chris Harrison demonstrates visualization of tagging structures)

Chris Harrison; Wikipedia Visualization (Shows that we can visualize a blockchain’s data and even overlay to wikipedia as a “decoder”)

Jennifer Rowley; DIKW(formation of WIKID Tools – more social science than mathematical construct – my though is to create an analogy to Solow’s equations)

Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic, and Logical Foundations Multi Agent Systems (This is some heavy shit – I bought the book – but everything we need is covered in the first chapter)

IEEE Article that challenges Metcafe’s law: https://spectrum.ieee.org/computing/networks/metcalfes-law-is-wrong (We may want to back off on the CAPM vs Network valuations, and emphasize the elimination of punitive controls and administrations costs as major value drivers of networks.)  

Fast Company Article on Social Flights https://www.fastcompany.com/1753756/fly-youre-rich-social-flights-and-private-planes  Second Social Flights reference: Way Back Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20120421185056/https://www.socialflights.com/


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