Social Flights:

Social Flights 2

Technical Quinten Rollins Jerseys Innovation and Economic Development for web based company providing ride share services on private aircraft.

Building Social Flights required a great deal of technical problem solving in a highly regulated industry. Route design, aircraft capacities, insurance, ground transportation, schedules, and  Our participation in partnership with a medium sized charter/Air service operator in Tennessee included Infrastructure analysis, online community management, public relation and marketing interfaces.

We authored numerous white papers and created marketing materials for web based reservation and booking system. cheap nike nfl Jerseys china us Increased online membership and engagement 50 fold in 4 month period through effective use of Caleb Sturgis Jerseys social media, mainstream media, and lecture series. Created novel business methods related to scheduling, operations, regulatory compliance, and infrastructure analysis for multiple corporations, municipalities, nike nfl Jerseys made in china and aviation operators.  Social Flights raised money in a private equity and generated revenue of the operators.  Social flights retained 15,000 members before we were acquired by Avianis Inc, in 2011.

Commissioning Agent / Customer Engineer representing United Airlines at The Boeing Company.  Much like commissioning a new building in the construction industry, the commissioning process for aircraft is complex, intense and with a very high value outcome.  As Customer Engineer representing United Airlines, Mr. Robles delivered (24) Boeing 777 aircraft totaling over 3 billion dollars in value.

We provided deep knowledge of project management, aircraft systems, air transportation regulations, contracts, and warrantee claims.   Aircraft systems included avionics, flight control systems, …more later

Commercial Aviation Projects: Configuration manager and commissioning agent representing United Airlines. Commissioned (24) 777 aircraft worth 3 Billion dollars.  Account Manager representing All Nippon Airlines (ANA) service for fleet of 120 aircraft.      wholesale nike nfl Jerseys cheap