Storage of Value In Infrastructure

There are three places where a country stores its wealth – gold, debt, and infrastructure. There is no shortage of presentations on the first two – this presentation is about the third.   This talk was delivered at Seattle Blockchain Summit on September 25th 2018.

Printing value, not money

What very few people realize that there may be a way to pay off the enormous global debt while providing society with all of its needs in a sustainable manner with existing resources and institutions. The answer is not to print more money, the answer is to measure more value.

The mother of all hedge funds

This 30-minute talk proposes the creation of a parallel economy that directly hedges the current economy – and operating both simultaneously. As the old dollar denominated economy withers under the weight of crippling debt, and new economy slowly takes over, eventually replacing it with a “Gross Domestic Product”, which is quite different than the one that we currently use, yet accomplishes all of the same goals.

It really does not need to be so complicated

The amazing thing is that such a system would be very easy to create with zero imposition on existing companies, politics, or social norms – we just measure value a little differently and create a tokenized ecosystem to articulate it. Don’t worry, wealthy nations, companies, and people would have plenty of time to convert their holdings to a system that actually heals the Earth and poverty will be eliminated through a path of equitable returns on individual labor.

Expect the unexpected.  

Our biggest obstacle will be with within ourselves. We have been taught to believe that there is only one way to measure economic prosperity – through the consumption of the resources of land, labor and capital. What if there is a better measurement of economic activity? You’ll need to watch the video to find out, but here is a hint: expect the unexpected.    


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