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Dear Elizabeth;

Please find the following official buffalo bills Jerseys sample of water system investigations that we have performed recently using a combination of investigative photography and existing public information and client supplied information.  Your project will obviously have its own unique features, as such, our report will have many uses downstream as the renovation project matures.

Centerview Apartments_r4:  the Centerview Apartments report was created from existing information (we did not create the floor pink buffalo bills Jerseys plans), we used City records for the Sewer and investigative photography.  The were performing a seismic retrofit so we were able to look behind some walls while they were performing a different project (we did not open any walls).  I am currently managing the re-pipe for this project.

Sunset Plaza R5  Sunset Plaza is an Apartment building in the San Diego area whose problems were associated with the potable water system and actively leaking galvanized steel.  This report allowed the owners to solicit bids from contractors for a re-pipe.

Harrison West Pipe Investigation This was a complex Authentic Pharoh Cooper Jerseys extraction from a discount buffalo bills Jerseys 25 floor high-rise by a community who wanted to know how much time they had before major failure.  This technique demonstrates how can help determine remaining life of a galvanized system, or other materials, by looking closely at the materials and measuring actual thicknesses and pitting depths.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Our system definition will include interviews with your community to determine priorities and collect all available information. When we are finished, it is our intention that the community will be aligned on a solution and Jeremy Lane Jerseys can effectively communicate their intentions and expectations to qualified contractors.

Thank you


Dan Robles, PE

Principal, Coengineers, PLLC

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