Financial Products – Discussion

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Basic Concept

BEFORE we create an engineering report, the community does not know what they are funding, Alejandro Villanueva Jerseys they are divided as to the outcomes, or they are untrusting of their leaders and may need to be forced (by assessment or lien) to pay for the project.  Investors run away.

AFTER we create an engineering report, the community knows exactly what they are funding, they are united around the outcomes, they trust each other and are willing to participate in the funding.  They want to act quickly to resolve the matter.  Investors seek inclusion.


Coengineers Product

1. Create one or more reports that make funding actionable

2. Create authentic baltimore ravens Jersey an abbreviated version of several types of report that make funding actionable

3. Aggregate, assess, and augment existing reports from other professionals or contractors into a format that makes funding actionable.


Below, please find several examples of reports that result in actionable steps by an owner, board of directors, or community.  It is not necessary to read them, but please do just flip through each of them.  Toward the end you baltimore ravens Jersey youth will often find fairly in-depth financial analysis and/or recommendations based on the facts of the analysis.


Feasibility Study – Food Processing Coop:

This feasibility study offers three design/operations options and the community chose one of them.  Financial worksheets start at around page 70.

Feasibility Study_Final_safe


Facility Condition Assessment:

This Mike Remmers Jerseys document was created per ASTM 2018-08 (American Society of Testing and Materials) in support of a Capital Reserve Study.  We identified 4 big problems that all need immediate attention; Structural Settling, Building Envelope, Construction Defect, Unknown Pipe Leakage.  This type of report would uncover the full scope of funding needs.



Capital Reserve Study:

The Reserve Study estimates the useful life of every system or component cheap authentic baltimore ravens Jerseys of a property and calculates the the amount of money that needs to be collected today in order to repair and replace these components in the future.

Sudden Valley WA-1303-0002.FINAL-2014


Houston, We Have A Problem:

This type of investigation focuses on a single system or component and provides a detailed analysis of the scope of repair, the approximate statement of work, and estimated costs.  This type of document is sent out to contractors for RFP process, it may have impact on design, aligns community incentives to repair.  This is often the first report in a line of discovery, forensics, or funding.

YIKES! Our insurance premiums are out of control!!!

Galvanized Pipe Condition Assessment 

OH NO! Our Pipes are Leaking!!!

CPVC Pipe Failure

HELP! Our Building is Sinking?!?!

Sterling Property Repair Assessment