FinTech Task Force

The hallmark of a great society is the ability to capitalize it’s needs, not it’s arbitrage opportunities.  Shaun Alexander Jerseys The highest and best use for Blockchain Technology must be to carolina panthers Jerseys youth reduce the cost of capital by decentralizing risk, not necessarily decentralizing money…yet. 

Blockchain technology carries a promise of great opportunity, efficiency, and fairness in economic development, project delivery and governance for a struggling planet.

However, Blockchain development should not be the exclusive domain of a single sector, nor constrained by the ROI priorities of the VC start-ups.  Further, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) may carry the risk of operating in an extralegal sector without legal recourse, thereby increasing net volatility, not necessarily decreasing it.

Speculators require volatility – the “spread” – in order to make bets.  However, building a healthy economy requires stability and predictability in order to capitalize uniformly. The respective incentives are mutually exclusive.  

A different track is required.

Entrepreneurs must be able to bridge the “capitalization gap” i.e., the time between the design and the delivery of a project or business plan. The primary advantage of Blockchain technology may be to decentralizing project risk which can therefore reduce the cost of capital (regardless of the currency).  In doing so, blockchain innovation can then be applied broadly, evenly, and intentionally across the economy.

Let’s begin.

The place to start developing wholesale Pat Tillman Womens Jerseys carolina panthers Jerseys youth blockchain technology is through a consortium of Insurance and Professional Engineering institutions for the creation of basic and sustainable infrastructure upon which everyone depends and all value is derived. Follow-on derivatives will likewise enjoy stability and favor sustainability.

Insurance and Engineering are sufficiently disintermediated from short-term objectives and are ideally suited for the long game. Together, they can bridge the capitalization gap upon which everyone can then pink carolina panthers Jerseys cross.  Together, they can deliver the projects that are highest in impact and priority ?—?the projects upon which we can navigate our critical path into the future.

The NSPE FinTech Task Force

During the 2015-2016 administration year, the National Society of Professional Engineers initiated a Financial Technologies Task force to research the possible applications and opportunities for the engineering profession.  This analysis quickly led us to consider insurance rather than banking as the more productive ally.  The analysis provided in the Workingpaper, shows a clear path to capitalization of blockchain assets through insurance and engineering consortia.