Juan Gabriel Noé Sandbox

Juan Gabriel Noé is a highly experienced Professional Civil Engineer with the added distinction of having earned dual licensure in both the United States (CA, OR) and a jurisdictions of Mexico through qualified education, experience, passing all board examinations, and peer review.  His ability to work freely across the border and conduct bilingual operations has been a valuable asset to US Clients with properties in Mexico, and Mexican Clients with properties in the US.

Juan has a diverse experience set including civil and structural engineering for commercial buildings, large public spaces, Hospitals, land use, bridges, geotechnical, land surveying, Earl Thomas III Jerseys cfl Jersey 98 and transportation system.  His continuing education includes knowledge of seismic and wind load applications.    Mr. Noé has specific with skills in: Etabs, CFL Jersey Ram Concept, Enercalc, PCA Column, CMD 97, Risa, Autocad, Revit using ACI, CBC, IBC codes performing designs in: Concrete, Masonry, Steel and Wood.

Juan Attended University of La Salle, University of Guanajuato, North Harriss University and San Diego State University.   He has worked for major engineering firms such as Richard Brady & Associates, and  T.B. Penick & Sons. Inc. His clients include The City Dennis Smith Jerseys Cheap CFL Jerseys of Carlsbad, The US Navy Facilities Agency (NAVFAC), The city of Tijuana, and Fiorentina Engineering & Design Studio.

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