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This page contains a running collection of documents in reverse Chronological order (most recent on top) related to collaboration with Kayleen Helms.

C: response from third 1:1

Proposed Submittal (rev 4): Business Plan bullets_R3.1

Proposed Submittal (rev 3):  Business Plan bullets_R3

B. Action items from our second 1:1 meeting.

Dan Updates towards criteria for next track in NAE call
1.  New Team (3-6 people w/roles, variety of technical & biz) – OR existing biz entity, Coengineers?
2.  TRL (per Wikipedia) > 6
3.  IP clarity
4.  Clear customer, value proposition, etc. (specific problem w/in CoVID-19 – e.g. physical structure HVAC, etc.)
5.  Clear entity & biz plan (for profit or non-profit)


Business Plan bullets_R2 This document is prepared for the re-submittal to the NAE-COVD19 action program. Includes PART 1: project description (under 500 words), PART 2: Team, and PART 3: Business Plan (under 500 words)

Additional Materials based on discussion.

NSF Pitch: This document resulted in an invitation to submit a full proposal for $250,000 seed funding.  This is a small business development pitch that describes as a business entity.

TRL – Darryl to provide screen shots and Github repository of past demo.  We could likely achieve TRL 6. TBD

I-corp Team: Myself, Darryl, Alicia (confirmed). Considering: Bradley, Randall, Matt Bowers,

Abstracts:  Reference to discussion related to points of entry for The Innovation Bank.  For example, do we lead with COVID? Do we lead with BLM?, Do we lead with Infrastructure? broader question: how to lead with what is being funded.  These abstracts were developed as “moonshots” for the project, but can also be used as such wedge issues.  Idea is to develop multiple abstracts for multiple agencies but provide essentially the same solution.

Community Engineering Services, PLLC (https://coengineers.com) is the existing business entity we are registered in SAM, with DUNS, and d.b.a Coengineers, PLLC.  The project arm is Coengineers.io and may be found here: https://coengineers.io

Publications and references:  The purpose of this list is to demonstrate that we have participated in a long and diverse forums of peers, critics, and media review.  We were invited to all of these events based on our publications and reputations in our respective industries.  If Kayleen were to reach out to visionaries in her professional network, she can be confident that the project is valid, sound, and worthy of endorsement.


A. Kayleen requested responses to 3 items from our first 1:1 meeting:

Action Items from 1-1


Supplemental Information is attached Below:

Quant Distribution.  This chart is an addendum to team members the program.  Quant is a cryptographic token distributed by an early blockchain based on Bitshares DPOS chain on the Open Ledger platform.

Quant Distribution (consolidated) – QuantDrop

The following document the first paper that launched the project 25 years ago called “A Model for the Mobility of NAFTA Professionals:


The Following Document expands on the point of entry “Wish List”.  This is a draft of the Baylor University Implementation of the Innovation Bank for Commercializing Intellectual Property.  It goes into significant detail regarding what the ideal project may look like.  It includes an adaptation of the Duke University methodology.  Confidential please.

BP whitepaper