Mobile Meat Processing Unit Feasibility Study

Mobile Meat Processing Unit Feasibility Study(Note: Most Feasibility studies may not be as complex as this, but it helps to demonstrate the depth and breadth of CoEngineers, PLLC Capabilities)

Strong trends toward sustainable agriculture and market rebellion against industrial practices are causing communities to look toward more innovative solutions for food production.

In addition to economic development and attention to the bottom line,  many communities seek to become more resilient among themselves.  They seek to provide good jobs to their residents, and they seek to become technologically advanced as they reach farther up the value chain for their products.  While the bottom line is important, it is also important to recognize the economic value of community independence.

Community Engineering Services, PLLC was contracted to take a technical yet holistic viewpoint in preparation of this meat plant feasibility study.  As engineers with financial, operations, and process experience in regulated industries, we were able to identify a progression of opportunities specific to this community. For deep ranch experience, we relied heavily on John Harper from University of California Cooperative Extension, who helped prepare the Mendocino County Feasibility study and addendum.

Mobile Meat Processing Unit Feasibility Study

The following feasibility study for harvesting livestock for food was written specifically for a small rural community with such special needs and interests.  This study honors the work of many other communities while contributing unique considerations for flexibility, fault tolerance, and scalability. At over 90 pages, this may serve as an additional resource for others planning to take advantage of new economics of decentralized food production.

LINK To Full Report: Feasibility Study_Final

Mobile Meat Processing Unit Feasibility Study

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