Maintenance Plans

A solid maintenance plan is one of the most important documents that an owner must have.  For large commercial facilities, the maintenance plans are extremely complex and managed by expensive feature-laden software programs by staff operating day and night.  Many HOA’s are responsible shreveport pirates cfl Jerseys for very complex facilities but there are few usable resources available to them. The most important aspect of maintenance planning is to avoid failures that would impact the community in a negative way.


The key word is “usable”  there are no shortage of building sciences firms that can provide a 500 page document identifying the maintenance frequency for every kick strip in the building.  These types of reports buy cfl Jerseys often sit on the shelf collecting dust because it takes a full-time staff just to read and deploy such a complex instrument.

What is a Maintenance Planner expected to do?

  • Allow strategic selection of maintenance strategies from among alternative courses of action
  • Project management perspective, maintain, procure, timing
  • Maximize Tool time; have the right staffing level.
  • Scheduling the order and time for planned events.
  • Avoid a maintenance backlog; planned and unplanned events

The reality for most small business owners or HOA boards is that they have a complex structure and a part time custodian.  In order to get the resemblance of a maintenance routine they need to hire a building management company.  Even then, they are not assured that an effective plan is in place.  Every time there is a change in personnel, the maintenance plan needs to keep going without a hitch.  This is not a difficult problem to solve if solved correctly.

The key is to outline as best as possible, exactly what has to happen on a certain day or week and communicate that to the maintenance staff in a readily available format. Further, the procedure for maintaing each component must also be readily available so that they can plan, and load their tool cart for the day.  Where professional services are needed, the custodian needs to know who to call and when to call them.  The trick is to have this information available to the person who is actually doing the work.

At Community Engineering Services, we start with a simple spreadsheet that is uploaded to doug flutie cfl Jersey a web page such as the one below:

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Maintenance Schedule

There is a pull down menu in the header that categorizes the components of the system and stores the maintenance procedure for each component.  We can also load up the user manuals for all of the components right to the webpage.

In this way, everyone has visibility of the maintenance plan.  The custodian has all the information they need in a single place.  The commercial support service has a statement Joakim Nordstrom Jerseys of work right at their disposal.  Over the initial implementation phase, the Vlade Divac Jerseys community can watch how things progress and make adjustments where cost and timing dictate.