Survey 2

Dear Tanasbourne Place Residents;

The HOA Board of Directors has retained Coengineers, PLLC to perform a piping system assessment prior to the warranty expiration date.  Coengineers has discovered a small section of pipe in some units – but not all units –  which we recommend be replaced.

The purpose of arizona cardinals Jerseys for kids this survey is to determine which units have this pipe section and which do not.  Fortunately, it is fairly easy to find them if everyone could please help us out.  Please follow the instructions below to identify the area of concern then please follow the link at the bottom of this page to take a short survey.

Please respond ASAP

Thank You.


Step 1:  Locate the pipe where water enters your unit.  Please see the three typical locations below.

(click to enlarge)

In garage near water heater

Against wall near water heater closet

Inside closet near water heater (upstairs unit)













Step 2: Find Area of interest (enlarged).   The pipes may be wrapped with insulation.  You may need to cut the plastic bands and pull the insulation back in order to see all around the short section between the two valves as shown:

(click to enlarge)

Small pipe that connects two valves




Step 3:  Please look at the four photos below before responding to the Survey.  We will Bennie Fowler Jerseys be asking you which of the arizona cardinals Jerseyboys following 4 photos most resembles your system.  Note the color of the pipe; some are silver and some are the color of brass.

(Click to enlarge)


The connecting pipe is the color of brass similar to the valves.  The white areas are rubbery like pipe arizona cardinals Jersey template printable sealant.  No rusting, flaking or corrosion is present








This connecting pipe is a silvery color.  It has the rubbery white pipe sealing.  There is also some reddish power that look like rust








TB Survey 2i


This connecting pipe is silvery in color and actively corroding in some areas.  The orange is iron rust and the Andrew Adams Womens Jerseys green is brass corrosion.   The rust flakes off easily and may be damp to the touch or have a slow leak.








TB Survey 2g


Unable to see the color of the pipe due to extreme corrosion on all sides.  Heavy nodules of rust flake off easily and pipe may be damp or leaking.  The orange is iron rust and the green is brass corrosion. Staining on lower pipes or floor may be evident.







Step 4: Return the insulation to it’s place and attach with zip ties, string or tape.  It is important to minimize the exposure of plastic pipe to UV light.


Step 5: 


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