The Innovation Bank – Decentralization of the Engineering and STEM Professions


The Innovation Bank was first articulated by CoEngineers in 2007 as part of a Patent Application . This became the topic of The Ingenesist Project; a blog that we authored containing over 600 posts which can be found at  The work was later (2013) expressed in a project called Curiosumé : converting the resumé to cryptography  Curiosumé reached a sub-MVP stage before being replaced by the early efforts to form the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium (IEBC).  The current project is an extension of, the blockchain consulting arm of the engineering consulting company is a practical research for the “Physical Sibling of the Digital Twin” keeping the work  grounded in the practical applications of engineering in the real world.  That said, a great deal of information, publications, and citations may be found among the above references.

The following publications list includes links to select publications, conferences, videos, and blog posts

Publications List

The Innovation Bank

The Innovation Bank was first described in a 2007 Patent Application.  The current rendition is described in this 2020 paper published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Engineering Congress and Exhibition (Virtual 2020) resulted in this juried paper:

The Innovation Bank; Blockchain technology and the Decentralization of the Engineering Professions

Summary video (9:38):

In addition, a specific application of The Innovation Bank was presented to the National Academy of Engineers to submit Call-for-Engineering in response to COVID-19 mitigation.  That presentation (5:04 minutes) may be viewed below: