Mechanical and Water Systems

Project Engineer

Harrison West Tower, Portland, OR:

Community Engineering Services, pllc is providing Kareem Jackson Jerseys Project Engineering Services to the owners of the Harrison West Condominium tower in Portland Oregon for a replacement of the potable water system.  From the initial piping condition assessment to material selection, contractor review, system design routing, project website development, and community organization.  CES was responsible for  technical aspects of customer representation for this important remodel of a fully occupied structure.

The result is a 100% non-metallic, non-leaching potable water system and novel design routing to avoid as much disruption and abatement as possible.  With superior performance and efficiency, the project is expected to cost less than a metallic system while holding an unprecedented product warrantee.  CES provided a novel solution specific to the needs of the community.

Other construction projects: Marlborough House, Seattle WA, building envelope design and abatement strategy, Galaxy Condominiums, Wallingford, WA; building envelope engineer of record, Indian Point Condominium, Port Townsend, WA, building envelope design, Northshore School District, Water Intrusion Consulting: Building condition assessments Woodside Condominiums, Drainage problem root cause,  Forensic air handler failure.


Closed Containment Aquaculture:

geodomeClosed Containment Fish Farming for species such as salmon provides an environmentally safe alternative to large net open nike nfl Jerseys Authentic Brian Winters Jerseys on sale fish farming.

This system specifications called for a 60 foot diameter containment vessel (about the size of a hot air balloon) to be covered by a rigid or semi-rigid sheeting. The design incorporated geodesic math and linked member construction covered with with a semi rigid sheeting.  The pumps are located on a surrounding dock to introduce clean oxygenated water and maintain a constant current while suction was drawn to remove waste and maintain positive flotation.

CFD ModelA geodesic design was used for strength and flexibility.  A Computational Fluid Dynamic model was created under various conditions of external water current such as lowering and increasing tides.  These forces were then applied to a deflection model as shown.


Modern Aquaculture requires species separation to guard against for both invasive pathogens and cross breeding with wild populations.  The limits placed on feed efficiency require careful metering of diets and waste products.  Solutions such as the geodesic Aquaculture system will become increasingly important.


Water Park Mechanical Systems


JAWS Theme Park water ride (link to video), Universal Studios:  Design and construction management for multiple mechanical special effects for entertainment facility.  Responsible charge included retractable fixtures and stage sets, splash effects, nike nfl Jerseys elite fire bars, mechanical shark deployment and projection systems, water proofing, corrosion resistance, piping, plumbing and control systems including simulated exploding barrels, vibration effects, splash management. Selection of materials for low maintenance under-water corrosive environment maintaining smooth operation and believable effect for audience enjoyment.

Mechanical Systems for Broadcast Entertainment and Motion Pictures

Project Engineering for multiple on-set systems and animatronic devices. Practical computers as operational props, computer controlled mechanical effects, on-set supervision of technical and artistic staff. Seven nationally televised commercials.

For example; the car commercial required a fake arm to look like a high precision measurement device with work station providing reflection in the actor’s lenses. Other projects required us to build jumbo props to scale with camera effects, etc. Whatever the customer cheap nike nfl Jerseys china wholesale wanted, we would figure out how to do it.